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FAQ’s (For Retail Store customers)


Q: How fast are my orders processed and shipped?

A: We process and ship orders 6 days a week. We utilize UPS or USPS Priority, depending on Delivery Location.


Q: What is the Status of my order, and where do I find it?

A: Check your customer “Dashboard” for Order status.


Q: Will Ship to a different address, other than the billing address?

A: Yes. Instructions are available when checking out through the “Shopping Cart”


Q: How do i get my tracking number

A: You will receive an automated email with all the pertinent information.


Q: Can we ship to an address out of the United States?

A: Currently DollarStore ships to within the United States only.


Q: How much is shipping/delivery?

A: Shipping is FREE with orders greater than $25.00! (Alaska & Hawaii have an additional charge)


Q: Is there a minimum purchase amount?

A: No, there is Not a Minimum purchase amount. (However, DollarStore offers FREE Shipping for all orders over $25.00!!)


Q: Do you sell my personal information that I have used to sign up for a Customer Shopping Account?

A: No, DollarStore NEVER sells your personal information, please refer to our “Privacy Policy” link located at the bottom of the Store’s Page.


Q: Do I need to purchase something to create a “Customer Account”?

A: No, you do not need to purchase anything to set up a free “Customer Account”. Please feel free to create a “Customer Account” and come back to shop at any time in the future!!