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CBD NutraTech Daily CBD Vita Aloe Shot 2oz

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CBD NutraTech CBD Vita-Aloe Shot 2oz Orange Mango

CBD Nutratech Daily CBD/Vita/Aloe Shot 2 ounce

Promotes Positive Mood

Helps Reduce Anxiety

Loaded with all your daily mega doses of multi-vitamins

Reduces Acne and skin disorders

Aloe Benefit include

* Alkalinity and Liver cleansing

* Hydration, Clear Skin and a Nutritious Boost

All CBD benefits to include pain

*Pain relief & inflammation

* Low risk of diabetes

* Treats seizures

Each 2 ounce dose is a highly effective blend of Aloe, Vitamins, and CBD. Ingredients are purified water, organic corn syrup, natural plant flavors, trace mineral complex, XoQ10, Leaf Gel, Natural flavor blend, stevia, less than.05 percent of the following: Citric Acid and Potassium Sorbate.


Adults use entire shot in morning as needed. This product may be used Daily or Weekly as needed.

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